Kalıp TasarımıThe rotation mold is less costly than the molds in other plastic processing methods and it is possible to make very difficult molds by the rotational mold method, and also molds of very large molds can be made with this method.
The most convenient way to produce large and complex shaped pieces of plastic is by rotation and the cost of rotation molds is very economical compared to other plastic processing methods, considering the size and difficulty of the part.
The advantage of rotational molding is that it has the design flexibility needed to combine the different parts.
Molding can be handled in two main titles, rotation and inflation.

Advantages of Rotation Plastic Processing Method
  • Design flexibility allowing complex geometry
  • Low cost-lower mold cost than other molding methods
  • Strong and durable parts
  • Short-time production
  • Flexibility of meat thickness change
  • Limited amount of waste
  • It is possible that product surfaces have different textures

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