As a leader in PMS polyethylene products and manufacturing sector, we offer custom made HDPE- PE- PP- PVC sheet tanks to meet our customers’ critical needs in the sector.
Our environmental responsibility as PMS combines our experience with our knowledge and innovative solutions; We fulfill our commitments with high quality workmanship and production processes by using suitable materials for process and literature.


High density Polyethylene Tank (HDPE) tanks and equipments are produced with perfect workmanship and advanced technology by our well trained and specialized staff in accordance with the demands and needs of our valued customers, taking into account the design,

Plastics such as polyethylene, HDPE, PVDF, polypropylene, PP and PVC which we use in production are very easy to clean and disinfection, which are not affected by most of the chemical substances and some are suitable for food contact.
For this reason, it has a wide application potential thanks to its features.

The extruder source is utilized to join the PE and PP sheets and convert them into the final product. It is based on the principle of preheating with the welding material of the same class raw material and spreading the material at a certain speed by applying pressure to the region to be welded at the preheating and melting temperature.

Welding Extruder

Welding Extruder

Welding wire

Welding wire

Deburring Tool

Deburring Tool



Prevent welding at a temperature of 5 ° C or a minimum of 5 ° for the welding environment.

Welding material with the material to be welded is the same grade polymer; Diameter of the welding electrode

It should be 3-4 mm. The surface to be welded must be clean

Before the welding, the surface must be scraped by rasp and the oxidation layer should be removed.

An absolutely angled weld mouth must be created.

The hand-held welding extruder should always be held at 45 ° to the surface to be welded.


  • Chemical Facilities, Chemical Pools, Chemical Waste Gas Storage, Chemical Waiting Tanks
  • Adequate Tank Production According to ADR Regulation
  • Metal Coating Plant and Tanks
  • Ship, Yacht, Boat, Clean and Waste Water Tanks, Water Storage Tanks
  • Silo Tank Applications
  • Oil Holder, Separating Pool Applications
  • Fooseptic Tanks, Waste Water Waiting Pools
  • Pool Covering
  • Process Tanks, Mud Waiting, Pre-Crushing Separation Tank Production
  • Gas Washing Tanks, Bacalar
  • Food Ingredients and Wine Tanks, Organic Acid Beverage Tanks


They are produced from different materials such as PP, HD-PE, PVC, PVDF according to the chemical substance to be stored or transported. Designed according to DVS 2205 and EN 12573 standards, chemical durable and permanent integrity is ensured.

Chemical Facilities, Pools, Waste Gas Systems

Adequate Tank Production According to ADR Regulation

One of the biggest problems of the chemical industry is the transportation of produced chemicals by land. Today, with the security measures to be implemented, it is imperative to make many revisions on this subject.

In order to provide a solution to this problem as a company, HDPE, PE On-board tanks conforming to the standards are being built.

Metal Coating Plant and Tanks

Production of strong acid-resistant equipment
Manufacture of equipment resistant to strong bases
Galvano technical boilers, baths, tanks
Storage of solvents
Acid storage
Acid pools, Battery filling tanks, Nickelage, coating pools

Ship, Yacht, Boat Clean and Waste Water Tanks, Water Storage, Fuel Tanks

Marine group special prismatic shapes are made of PE, HDPE, PP using plates as well as tank manufacturing in special dimensions for narrow areas.

Oil Holder and Separator Pools

The building or structure contains liquid wastes in the sewage system; Solid oil, liquid sand, sludge and other harmful substances damages building or building installation, sewerage, treatment plant. It is necessary to separate these wastes from sewage installations. Equipment that performs this sorting is called SEPARATOR.

Any facility that produces wastewater is liable to rehabilitate by giving appropriate treatments to the system before it is given to the system which gives harmful and unpleasant smell and also damages the plant. Workplaces with this potential must use an oil separator in accordance with DIN 4040 / DIN EN 1825 for the disposal of waste water. Otherwise, the wastewater containing oil and the small particles inside them can cause narrowing and corrosion in the pipes, which can cause clogging of the waste water system and thus a great loss of material.

Fooseptic Tanks, Waste Water Waiting Pools

The increase in construction and factory areas and the necessity of phoseptic tanks made by the Ministry of Environment in these areas are continuously increasing the demand capacity.
Polyethylene foseptic tank prices are more economical than other tanks and they are simple to install. These tanks which are used under the ground do not suffer corrosion, do not rust and do not corrode.
However, guidelines and warranty terms must be applied for long-term use of tanks.

Boilers and Gas Washing Tanks

The activities of industrial facilities and enterprises are a consequence of harmful gases and smells which are the result of adversely affecting human and environmental health. The system to remove these emissions and smells is a gas purification system.
Our company; As well as the suction systems and washing facilities required for such facilities.
The installation of the plant is provided by the PMS, technical training for employees and technical support for the system installed.