tasarım vemühendislik

Tasarım ve Mühendislik

Tasarım ve Mühendislik


With our expert staff in design and engineering department; Helps you build your ideas and projects, keeps track of your projec- tions from idea step to final product step and informs you. It ensures that the projec- tion works best. Product development and R & D activities are carried out in cooperation with the Production and Quality departments under the leadership of the engineering department.

Software and programs used by our department;

The SOLID WORKS CAD program is able to answer all our design applications and help us to minimize the amount of mistakes we make in our designs because it can perform various engineering calculations related to material analysis and strength analysis such as finite element analysis as well as assembly and simulation applications.
The CIMATRON CAD-CAM program assists in all mold manufacturing stages, especially with the integrated CAD / CAM structure we use in mold design and manufacturing. Smooth surface quality with simple 2.5 axes continuous NC abilities of up to 5 axes, high milling efficiency and ease of use enhances the productivity of our CNC machines
SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION PROFESSIONAL enables our engineering department to theoretically perform static analysis, frequency analysis, buckling analysis, thermal analysis, drop test, fatigue analysis and optimization
CANIAS ERP software helps us to manage our business more easily and efficiently at a low cost so that we can make quick decisions in the correct data by providing coordination of all units, up-to-date and reliable information.

Our engineering department completes all engineering work by designing your ideas in a computer environment. In cases where the products to be designed need to be verified, our engineering department is responsible. The results are shared with you in detail.